About Us

American Insurance in Mexico is a full service Managing General Agency specializing in the highly volatile and difficult to understand individual and small business health, life, and senior insurance products. Founded and guided by Rudy Deutschmann, American Insurance in Mexico’s parent company has been in business for more than 20 years, and is staffed to assist our clients with a commitment to integrity, value and service. American Insurance in Mexico will help you find the best coverage, specializing in many aspects of insurance, including those who have retired/moved part of or the entire year.

With our focus and knowledge, American Insurance In Mexico wants to help you eliminate the confusion and stress of the complex healthcare environment. We have extensive knowledge in all types of health insurance, Medicare, Travel, & Foreign Policies! We will give you the tools to be securely insured, no matter where you call home. Attempting to understand how international insurance coordinates with policies designed for the U.S. market is difficult— This is the specialty of American Insurance in Mexico!

When it comes to insurance, one size does not fit all. There are no perfect companies, and there are no perfect plans. There are, however, many viable and economical options available if you work with a staff that is dedicated to you, has the knowledge to guide you, and always is going to do what is best for YOU!

We are adamant about providing top quality products from financially sound and historically proven insurance carriers. We do extensive fact-finding with our clients to ensure a “best fit” insurance program for YOU!